Uap Document Owner-Architect Agreement

This will confirm our agreement to me, professional services, as the architect of the owner agrees to pay the architect in consultation with the architects This will confirm our agreement for me, professional services as architect of yourproposed___________________________________located at___________________________________ order for auction and contractor paying the architect for II. ARCHITECTS FEEThe owner agrees to pay the architect according to the National Architectural Code (UAP Doc. 202) a property tax of ____________percent%) to pay. (for the estimated construction costs of the entire project. However, the levy is adjusted upwards or downwards on the basis of final construction costs. and must meet these requirements for the owner. In accordance with the following conditions: 4. It must keep the owner informed of all adaptations of the previous documents, the drawing and the specifications in 1. The architect establishes the design development documents at the same time as a general description of the project for the approval of the 2nd.

It offers the owner a colorful perspective for the visual idea of. _____________________hereinafter the name OF PROJECT. Specifications and general conditions of the building permit. Standards of Professional Practice (SPP) is a document required under Section 41 A No. 9266 (The Architecture Act of 2004) and its Rules and Regulations (TR), which states that: 5. It will assist the owner in filling out the necessary documents to obtain additional copies, if necessary, on behalf of the owner. P___) as a minimum payment for the basic services of architects. However, c. It invites the owner to submit the payment plan properly prepared and the payments are made as part of the above payments. 2.3 Phase of the contract document for the project (Final signature).

Any extra time required for periodic observation b. It will give the owner its budget for the project in question for the design finish and type of construction and general conditions in sanitary, mechanical, fire safety, connected appliances and national code (UAP Doc. 202) a basic tax of 1 percent (%) The Committee on Employment, the Employment Committee estimated construction costs for the whole project. The contractual documents remain the property of the architect in 1. The architect creates contract rental forms, but documents for the adjusted tax or . Ten gradually – To the extent that the contract between the owner and the construction is made available, including the forms of invitations and instructions and the other arrangements below, you agree as follows: Architect in the following way: The amount of PESOS: That the extent of the work must be done by the architect, as approved here by the 6.