Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals (UK) - 30.06. Congress square

Frank Benbini (from Fun Lovin’ Criminals) - 30.06. Congress square

Frank Benbini was born in Leicester, United Kingdom. He’s known for being the drummer and one third of the famous New York based Fun Lovin’ Criminals (FLM), but he also goes by the names Uncle Frank and TRM (The Rhythm Man).

Frank Benbini is an established musician, music producer, songwriter, director and DJ. He joined FLC in ’03 and also took up the backing vocals for the band in addition to playing drums.

In the 90s, Fun Lovin’ Criminals were best known for their hits Scooby Snacks, Fun Lovin’ Criminal, King of New York, I’m Not in Love, Movement of Fear, Korean Bodega, and many others. Their electronic music merges elements of hip-hop, rock, blues, jazz, R&B, punk and funk. Frank joined the band shortly after they released their album Loco which reached No. 5 in the UK Albums Chart.

Frank was also one half of the "Make It Nice Brothers" with Naim Cortazzi (a multi instrumentalist and producer). They performed in two bands, Uncle Frank and Fatal Star, both of which had musical styles that were wildly different from those of the Fun Lovin' Criminals. In 2013 Uncle Frank were signed to an unprecedented 3 album deal by MITA Records and their debut label album 'Smiles for Miles' was released next year.

Along with these two bands, Frank has also performed with the band Cantaloop who have supported the Fun Lovin' Criminals on several of their tours.

In April 2010 FLC released their most recent album Classic Fantastic, kicking off a successful European tour. 2014 saw the release of The Bong Remains The Same, a live concert video, and last year they released a deluxe, expanded edition of their debut album “Come Find Yourself" to mark its 20th anniversary. The band is currently working on their 7th studio album, but Frank has found the time to come to Ljubljana for the Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia where he’ll be performing on June 30th at Congress Square.

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