An in-house production of Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia - Icon (Congress square, 30.06.)

An in-house production of Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia - Icon (Congress square, 30.06.)

Slovenian musician, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Denis Beganović (Areia, KayKay…) met DJ Peter Vöröš and vocalist Sara Lah in March 2016, and together they came up with an idea for a project of astronomic proportions - ICON.

The result has been an original project to which more than 15 of the top global and local musicians have contributed. They will present the finished product for the first time ever at the Festival of Urban Culture on June 30th at Congress Square where they’ll be joined by three other exceptional musicians: drummer Anže Žurbi, guitarist Savo Kralj and sax machine Lovro Ravbar.

Through their music, Icon is exploring places we’re otherwise afraid to go, but persist and push on regardless, to new stories, new images, new melodies. The music of Icon is a link between these hidden spaces within us and the galaxies without, a link between souls and harmonies, between me and you. Because of this, Icon has no goals, no plans, no need to prove anything or convince anyone. They only have one ambition - to break down walls, inspire and reach those hidden places within us all. The philosophy of ICON is based on honesty, which is something they allude to with their name. The icons of today are completely different from those of decades past - today what you have and what you are to others is what’s important, which is a sad distortion of what actually matters, of actual human values. This is what Icon wants to convey through their music and their lyrics.

Denis Beganović says: »There are no plans but there are goals, just not ones related to music exactly. We’re open. Our songs are very diverse, but the album does have a through-line, both soundwise and thematically, which is honesty, and it’s essential. The music evolved with a mind of its own, we didn’t plan a thing. For the sake of honesty spontaneity was crucial to us. We don’t just make our music for people’s ears, above all we make it for people’s hearts. That’s what we want you to listen with. And so far the responses from our friends have been incredible.«
The songs are very diverse and eclectic in their sound, playing with genres such as electronica, rock, punk, house, drum & bass, garage, and deep ambiance music, and through them the band channels their emotions.
»Our first album releases at the end of the year but we already have enough material for two. Next week we’re launching our first single, “Whenever You Like”. And as the in-house production of the Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia we’ll be holding our debut concert there, on the main stage at Congress Square on June 30th. The Festival’s support has been invaluable to us in plenty of ways, especially in promoting us. Following that performance are other shows abroad, which is what we’re focusing on primarily,« says Denis.

If you want to learn more, you can listen to the radio interview with Icon from the show RH 202 from Val 202 Radio Slovenia, where Icon shared a 90-minute selection of their work. In the second half of the interview the producer of the Festival of Urban Culture Slovenia Milan Gregorn presents the vision for the festival. The festival kicks off on 30.6. and 1.7. in Ljubljana’s old city center and Park Tivoli.
The interview is in Slovenian.

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