Llorca (f)

Don't call it a comeback ? sixteen years and a few hundred thousand sold copies after his internationally successful debut album "Newcomer", Llorca plants exciting new seeds with his soulful sophomore effort "The Garden".

Having made his home in the Occitan region in the deep south of France, close to the Spanish border and far away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, Llorca wisely decided to direct his artistic career according to the paths taken in his personal life. At one and in agreement with his inspirations, the internationally renowned DJ, producer, and songwriter built his studio in Perpignan; more of a refuge than a fortress of solitude, it has become his sacred place to make music the way he always wanted to, a soundscape incorporating his many musical passions from Soul to Funk to Electronica or Deep House and back. After the success of "Newcomer" in 2001, released on the legendary label F Communications (Mr.Oizo, Laurent Garnier, Saint-Germain, et al), Llorca embarked on three years of touring with his band, appearing in the best clubs and on the biggest festivals around the world. 

Llorca - The Garden (2017)

Taking a step away from the limelight and into the clubs with his Electro-alter ego "Art of Tones", this self-taught lover of Disco- and Soul-music from the 70s who at 14 was making his first foray into music on a Commodore 64, dedicated an incredible fifteen years to making this second album. Destined to make you dance, sweat, move your feet and engage your mind, the ten tracks that finally made it onto "The Garden" certainly show the artistic maturity and relevance of the musical mastermind behind them.

Llorca - The Garden


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