Igor Škafar - known as Ichisan is an electronic musician, DJ and photographer who has been getting more and more attention in the contemporary electronic music community. He played guitar in several bands before making the transition into eletronica.

In 2008 he released his first solo international 12" on London's Airtight Recordings. 'Global Pillage' and 'Tips & Tricks' were very well received and accumulated a number of favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike, but they also got a positive reception from many music industry heavyweights such as Bjorn Torske, Pete Herbert, and Prins Thomas among others.

Ichisan contributed the single “Radar Pulse is Sent” to Eskimo’s compilation and has also released songs with Airtight Recordings, Internasjonal, Catune, Solardisco, Under The Shade/Jiscomusic and Nang Records. He started a project with Ule Nakova titled Ichisan&Nakova. Their first album “Yugo Tempo” was released in 2010 at Nang Records. 

In 2013 Ichisan debuted in North America with an incredibly successful tour in the US, with guests The Disco Biscuits, Boombox, Conspirator and Party Supplies. His first album was released with the label Bordello a Parigi Records. 


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